The Temples of Kathmandu


Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and is also the country’s largest metropolis. Within the middle of modernization in different civilizations, Nepalese make an effort to keep their rich cultural heritage maintained. Kathmandu alone has a lot of temples which can be visited by tens of thousands of devotees annually. The strong spiritual beliefs of those people today have stayed along with the temples who’ve endured for so many years, enduring witness with their culture, faith and history.

Here are some of these Kathmandu temples which carry on to attract tens of thousands of tourists annually:

Inch. Pashupatinath Temple – This temple is also known as the”Temple of Lord Shiva”. This is but one of the earliest forts in Kathmandu and has appointed pagodas together with roofs colored in gold and doors in silver. The Pashupatinath temple can be found at the Bagmati riverbanks along the town’s southern area. The temple is currently included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This temple is mostly to get Hindus, however, non-Hindu visitors are also welcome to observe that the full temple thirukadaiyur temple.

2. Guhyeshwari Temple – Kathmandu’s Guhyeshwari Temple is still among the holiest temples from the city. This had been built as an offering to Goddess Parvati. Just Hindus are allowed to go within the temple, due to its sanctity.

3. The temple was built in dedication to the god

. There was a yearly bash at the temple commemorating the occasion of Indra Jatra. Also found inside the temple would be that the image of Lord Akash Bhairav.

4. It had been constructed between the twelfth and thirteenth century and was once the Durbar Square throughout the reign of the Malaya Kings. Within the corridors of this Hanuman Dhoka Temple, other bigger temples have been now found.

5. Kumari Ghar – This really is amongst those temples in Kathmandu that has lovely architecture. Even the Kumari Ghar can be a desirable palace making it a favorite of visitors and tourists. The family goddess resides from the Kumari Ghar.

All these temples of Kathmandu, Nepal are some of the most fascinating and historical figures which still continue to say the civilization of the public. Not like other Asian countries, people of Nepal have retained their ancient beliefs and vibrant culture residing. Most of these temples strongly stand in the hearts of Nepal.

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